Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Sketch Day #1

Batman from Batman: The Animated Series. On train looking heroic and epic
10" x 8" oil on board

New Sketch Day came about as a way for me to do little paintings that help me explore and learn new techniques and color approaches.  I greatly look forward to this new weekly adventure of exploration and study.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves over time and how it will play into my way of picture making. 

For the maiden voyage of New Sketch Day, I knew it had to be from Batman: The Animated Series.  Batman:TAS is easily my favorite animated show of all time. 
To pay homage and respect to the show the image created had to be as powerful and heroic as Batman himself.  The shot from Batman: TAS that always comes to mind for me is from season two; episode three, The Cape and the Cowl Conspiracy.  Batman is faced against a man who is a trap mastermind and wants Batman to take off his cowl to expose his identity.  The one trap is the classic woman tied to train tracks scenario.  Batman escapes the train and pauses briefly on the side of the train to survey his situation and he looks damn epic and heroic. 

I wanted to stay true to the shows graphic nature and not go to far into my style of working.  It was a fun exercise in learning more about color mixing and staying within a color arrangement.  It was a pleasure to finally paint this image.  Hopefully one day I can get to do a larger one with more detail.

This and up coming New Sketch Day paintings are for sale.  Please email me at if interested.  

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Michael Gracely said...

This is really sweet!