Tuesday, September 11, 2012

White Whale

White Whale

            After many passes on Rt 30 I was finally able to paint my white whale.  Like Ahab I’ve felt this need to capture my obsession. This tree has been in the back of my mind for seven years.  Three years of commuting to college from Reading to Lancaster and then four since graduation.  I needed to paint this tree.  I’m assuming most probably don’t even notice it.  Upon first sighting I loved the character and story.  A lonely, gigantic tree in the middle of a field.

            So where does this painting coming in? 

            This past June I flew to LA and had the honor of being in the Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show by PixelDrip Gallery.  My uncles live in LA and we planned on me staying there.  As thank you present for having me I wanted to paint them something.  Right away I knew it had to be a work that meant something to me.  And so came my white whale. 

            I attempted to find the other side of this spot after unsuccessfully being able to find a good spot on the highway.  On the new side it was even more amazing then I had hoped.  So much of the story was filled in. A great old shed, interweaving fences, and different land patterns; etc. The piece came out great and my uncles are equally as thrilled to own it. 

            A huge thanks to my Uncle Mike and Uncle Greg!  With out them I wouldn’t have had such a great experience in LA and this piece probably would still be sitting in the back of my mind.  You guys are always the best and hopefully I get to come out again soon.  Love you guys!

*Note- Now I really want to do more landscapes!

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