Monday, September 17, 2012

Alterna Comics Originals

Alterna Comics Originals '12
Ink & watercolor on trading cards

            This year I had the great privilege to be part of Alterna Comics first trading card set Alterna Comics Originals.  The set was done to celebrate five years strong in producing great creator owned comics.  My role was to create five original trading card sized drawings called sketch cards. 

            It’s a cool incentive for the consumer because when they buy a pack there’s a 50% chance they get an original drawing in the pack.  As an artist it’s great because I get to put my stamp on characters I already love.  And the best part is it introduced me to other titles I haven’t yet read.

            After brainstorming on the approach I knew I wanted them all to be cohesive within my 5 allowed cards.  It was important to me that when people started showing off the cards that one could tell which were mine.  I thought the most fun and eye catching would be black and white with selective color.  A great example of this is Frank Millers body of work on Sin City.  He’s a master of line, composition and story telling.  And really, who better to draw inspiration from.                    

           Getting to work one on one with Alterna Comics was a great experience.  Through it I got to meet some new people and help Alterna Comics usher in many more years of sequential story telling.  A big thank you to Alterna Comics and Peter Simeti for a great experience!  Here’s to another five! 

Get your Alterna Comics Originals cards here!

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