Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Artscape 2011

This year I had the great honor of being chosen to be part of a slice of Artscape; Baltimore, MD; during it’s 30th anniversary. My group exhibition was called Gamescape and took place in the MICA’s Pinkard Gallery in the Bunting Building. It was a great show where
independent and larger video game companies can show off their latest game and people get to play the games.This was the third year Gamescape was apart of Artscape but it’s first year with visual art component. My Angry Bird inspired painting “Threat Neutralized!” was on display and among other great works. I see great potential with having the visual game inspired art and look forward to it growing over the years.

For me the best part was also the most fun and random part. I was invited for a great rare opportunity to represent myself and Gamescape on live tv. It was for Baltimores local WJZ-TV.They asked about my piece and the show itself. Not sure I can really express how cool and surreal it was. To work so hard on something and see it get that much attention is hard to imagine and makes you very thankful when it does.

Interview: One at top, give it a second to load.
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