Monday, September 27, 2010

Ovarian Cancer Ribbon

It’s been a crazy but great summer and excited to be working on new art! One of which I am very proud. September is ovarian cancer month and to commemorate I thought I’d share something I was fortunate enough to contribute. In March, my cousin Jennifer Fratangelo contacted me. She works in public relations and
her company was looking for an artist to contribute to a benefit. It was the annual benefit for the Maureen Foundation put on by the Hackensack Hospital. Every year the foundation honors one woman who survived ovarian cancer or has contributed so much of herself to the cause. When asked to contribute to such an event, how could one say no? That was an honor in of it self.
I was told I had creative freedom. As much as artists love hearing that it can also be a little intimidating because there is no initial idea or direction. I have no problem working this way and quickly the ideas started flowing. Instantly I knew I wanted to design something instantly recognizable and iconic. I wanted to incorporate the teal into the piece because that is the official color of ovarian cancer. From there the piece clicked. I would take the ribbon everyone knows and make that a nice finishing point from a ribbon that wraps around in space to create the contour of the female form. It made sense. It was clean, recognizable and the ribbon is iconic. Sometimes the best solution is shedding new light on something already known and recognizable. I hope I did just that and I believe I did.
The very best part about this was when Jen told me how well it was received and loved by everyone. Originally, it was to be raffled off to raise money but she was told there was an even greater idea. I will permanently be displayed in the hospitals shop for all to see. It was amazing to hear that! Almost couldn’t believe it. So if anyone is in the area, check out the shop in the Hackensack Hospital where you can see my work on permanent display!
It was truly great experience and one that I will forever be touched by. A huge thanks goes out to Jen and the people she worked with to make this happen. My thoughts go to those who fight and survive cancers. I am humbled.

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John said...

Great Job Joe.
It is truly beautiful