Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello Blogger!

It took a bit but it paid off well. My new site is up,, and looks great. Really proud of it and learned a whole lot. Now onto the blog thing. I find these interesting because some of my favorite artists have them and
you get to take a look at behind the scene type stuff that is usually very interesting. They've influenced my work and if best I hope to do the same when I get to the point in my career where people are excited to see my work. For now though, enjoy the blog. I'm finishing a project that I'm very excited for and very proud of. It's a bonus that it'll be published too. So for now I must be off. Hope everyone enjoys my new site and the blog.


Joey said...

Sweet deal my friend. The website looks great. I shall be watching....mwhahahahha.

Sharon said...

I just got wind of your new site and thought that I'd check your work out since I haven't seen anything in a while. If you ever do a showing please let me know. I have another friend that's an artist and I went to a show of his last spring and I was mighty impressed with his work.